Thursday, October 21, 2004

Riding Cancelled for Thursday 

I've been checking out the weather reports and i talked to a couple of guys, and i think were going to hold off on riding until friday or saturday. The weather says its supposed to storm tonight, but the weatherbug is full of shit...... It says saturday we should have clear skies, so i think we might head out saturday morning sometime. Hopefully everyone can make it out on saturday and I'll see you guys there.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Riding Thursday 10/21 

I'm going to take the boat out on Thursday at 3:00 if anyone wants to go and get a set in. It's supposed to be really nice out on thursday. Its supposed to be 75° and that kicks ass! We'll ride until dark, but it should be a warm night too. Call my cell at (913)645-5527 if you cant make it at 3, but still want to get a set, and we'll pick you up at the dam. See you guys out there.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

If anyone is interested 

Hey, I'm was going to be selling my old wakeboard on ebay here real soon, but I thought that I would check first and see if anyone on the team was interested in buying it. It's a '01 Hyperlite Belmont 134 foam core board with '01 Hyperlite Belmont binding. It's a pretty nice board and its in really good shape. I'd be willing to sell it for about $200 give or take. If anyone is interested in it give me a call at (913)645-5527, and you can try it out if you want. Later.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Riding Friday 10/8 

Hey, we'll be out at the lake at 4 today. Sorry for the late post. If anyone wants to go riding give me a call at (913)645-5527 and we'll get you a set in. Later.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Riding Tuesday 10/05 

I will be taking the boat out at 4:30 today. Give me a call if you want to go riding at (913)645-5527 so i know if i need to get more gas. Later

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Riding Sunday 10/3 

We'll head out to ride tomorrow at 12:30. Meet up at the marina!


Riding this weekend 

Hey all, sorry about the indecision, but the weather and the park closing really screwed things up. The good thing is that the wind is going to be almost nothing today, and there probably won't be any walleys out since its cold! Its supposed to get back up to fifty degrees by noon today, so I say that we meet at the marina at 12:00 and ride here. Bring any camping stuff you might want and we can set up camp tonight out there - it'll be an awesome night to camp.

I'll call everyone here in a bit after anyone who went out has recovered...


Friday, October 01, 2004

Keeping you all up to date 

Weather will be nice for the rest of the weekend. Decide what you'd like to do - stay here - go to hillsdale - go to Stockton. Drop me an email on what you think. Later tonight, I'll check email and decide where the majority of you all want to go and call everyone with a plan.


Weekend Trip to Hillsdale 

Hey all -
Weather is supposed to rain the rest of the day. Then tonight it is supposed to get really cold - 30 degrees. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up late in the afternoon and tomorrow night and Sunday will be really nice.

I don't mind heading out this afternoon if the rain stops, but I don't want to tow the boat in the rain becasue it just soaks everything with dirty water.

If it is bad tonight we could head out in the morning and have a good day tomorrow.

So that we can stay in touch, email me if you want to come along this weekend. Let me know if you plan to drive or need a ride, and let me know if you have any schedule restrictions for the weekend that we may need to work around.

Mike Olson just called me about the cable park. (really, just now how funny is that?)

Cable will not be open this weekend. They are switching insurance companies, and the deal is not done yet, so he can't afford to operate because he would not be covered under any insurance.


We could head down to Stockton Lake in MO. My aunt and Uncle have a 28' cabin cruiser that we can moore out and relax and sleep on and we would ride on glassy water all weekend. Weather there is similar to here, except that it is supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow and tomorrow night. If we did this, we'd probably drive out tomorrow morning early and come back Sunday night.

Email me with your phone number and schedule and I'll call everyone when I have an idea of what you all want to do. I'm easy - so whatever. mostty@hotmail.com

Weekend Trip to Hillsdale 

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